Harmonic Percolator clone
    This is a clone of Harmonic Percolator HP-1 by Interfax.
I got the idea of making one after seeing Shellac live in Millenium Park in Chicago and then spending a few days doing research of Steve Albini's gear. The story of the percolator intrigued me enough to attempt building my own copy. Luckily there's a ton of resources on the internet for both schematics and parts. I would like to thank Tim of Fredric's Effects for making schematics available and for answering my silly questions.

Here's the demonstration of my pedal sound. I apologise for my poor guitar playing skills and not being able to play anything fancy. I recorded the sound using a little digital Olympus voice recorder and then spent a lot of time with Apple iMovie to put the video together. I used my Guild S-100 guitar, equipped with two Seymour Duncan humbucker pickups and the pedal was connected to the oh-so-cute ZT Lunchbox Amp.


I made the circuit board from the blank one purchsed at RadioShack. I used a Dremel tool to carve/grind out whatever is not needed. As it was my first project I had a difficult time trying to fit everything inside the enclosure. I painted the box in military green color and wrote everything in my native Russian to make the pedal look more like a Soviet Army (i.e. exotic) device. Must be fun trying to board a plane with this thing!

Here's the list of web sites with enough information to build your own pedal as long as you have some soldering skills and understand basic principles (+ and -) of electricity:

Beavis Audio

General Guitar Gadgets

Freestompboxes Percolator Topic

And here are the places I got the parts from:

Small Bear Electronics (everything but the transistors)

Talon Electronics (transistors only)

And here are some pictures of my pedal:

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