(mostly nude) Drawings by Mikhail Mokeyev

Here are some drawings I made in 2005. They are mostly done with charcoal or charcoal pencil with occasional pen and water colors. I never drew people before and never took any classes - I guess it all came naturally. The only "training" I had was looking at drawings by Dale Pesmen so I have to thank her too! I would also like to thank Michael Wasserman, Tania Fel and Ivan Trava for their comments, encouragement and good company!
Majority of the drawing sessions took place at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and some at Palette and Chisel. There are a few still-lives that were done elsewhere and if you see fully clothed people - that means that the (nude) model was late. FYI: The name of the file is the date of the session. Comments or questions? - Feel free to email me mokeyev@yahoo.com

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03-17-05_7 03-17-05_8 03-17-05_9 03-31-05_01
03-17-05_7.jpg 03-17-05_8.jpg 03-17-05_9.jpg 03-31-05_01.jpg
03-31-05_02 03-31-05_03 03-31-05_04 03-31-05_05
03-31-05_02.jpg 03-31-05_03.jpg 03-31-05_04.jpg 03-31-05_05.jpg
03-31-05_06 03-31-05_07 03-31-05_08 03-31-05_09
03-31-05_06.jpg 03-31-05_07.jpg 03-31-05_08.jpg 03-31-05_09.jpg
03-31-05_10 03-31-05_11 03-31-05_12 07-10-05_01
03-31-05_10.jpg 03-31-05_11.jpg 03-31-05_12.jpg 07-10-05_01.jpg
07-10-05_02 09-22-05_01 09-22-05_02 09-22-05_03
07-10-05_02.jpg 09-22-05_01.jpg 09-22-05_02.jpg 09-22-05_03.jpg


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